Flow Mobility

FLOW mobility takes you to the next level of visibility, allowing every step of your mobile workforce to be recorded and reported on. Done through a mobile forms application with a self-maintainable design for your unique form creation.

FLOW mobility sends forms to your drivers and field operators for completion in the mobile app. The forms app provides a simple yet flexible platform for employees to input and submits information in real-time. In addition to multiple-choice and calculated questions, you can easily record rich data like photos, signatures, and geo-locations. Completely customizable forms, layout creation, and form destinations.

The solution is flexible and allows for relevant information to be shared with end-user clients. This typically could include location confirmation, basic order, delivery, and ETA information.

Forte Transport Solutions is your partner in your journey to transition into a paperless environment.

With FLOW mobility you can:

  • Reduce paperwork
  • Sign-On Glass​
  • Create Electronic POD’s
  • Create digital inspection forms​
  • Image Capturing
  • Real-time incident reporting​

Features within FLOW mobility:

  • Open API integration
  • Custom driver forms and layout creations
  • GEO-Coding of action points
  • Timestamps of action points
  • Detailed analytical reporting
  • Dispatching of digital forms to APP