How does the FLOW Portal Benefit Retail Companies?

How does the FLOW Portal Benefit Retail Companies?

  • Visibility across all integrated systems
  • Smart Analytics + Central Dashboard
  • Cloud-Based Client Portal
  • Sophisticated Integration
  • Document Hosting
  • Share in Seconds

Here’s How FLOW can Help your Business?

Improve Visibility and Transparency across Multiple Transporters Real-time Track and Trace of Transport Orders Instant access to Electronic POD.

Assisting You on Your Digital Journey


FLOW connect – Integration-as-a-Service (iPaas)

  • Multiple adaptors
  • Seamless integration between server-based and web-based applications
  • Transfer data across the integrated application with ability to reflect required data in each application

FLOW visibility – Web-based portal for visibility

  • Latches onto existing applications
  • Transfers data for a web-based internal dashboard or external client facingportal view

FLOW platform – Central data warehouse

  • a Central platform
  • Ability to latch multiple integration adaptors for loosely coupled integration and validation of these integrations
  • Provides visibility of data from the central database
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