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A proudly South African business, founded in 1976, that offers intermodal and warehouse solutions to ensure seamless cargo movement to local and export markets. The company’s resources include seven strategically positioned depots (hubs), rail sidings, warehouses, specialised materials handling equipment and technology. The hubs are connected to the national rail and port infrastructure to ensure efficient and cost-effective total integrated solutions to Pindulo VDM’s customers.

"The risk of load documents getting lost or misplaced has now been largely mitigated as an electronic version is available the moment a load is completed and not only when next the driver visits a depot and the document is scanned. There are also no longer any delays in the processing of completed loads as information is available immediately. This has greatly improved data accuracy."
- Riaan Luckhoff Financial Director


With a fleet operating nationally on various routes, a major challenge is to timeously collect and process documents of all completed loads. Manual processing of load documents requires large amounts of human resources with inevitable capturing errors being made under the legacy business process and document handling rules. The ask set out for FORTE was to transform all manual capturing points, to live digital capturing in the FLOW mobility digital cloud environment.


  • Lack of system integration addressed
  • Document processing delays
  • De-risking of documents getting lost
  • Saving on Staff effort processing documents by 100%
  • Increased team output


  • With the rollout of FLOW Mobility at Pindulo VDM’s the drivers are able, to capture load information electronically, as opposed to manually writing out a Proof of Delivery (POD), FLOW mobility also enables photos of all manual load documents (such as delivery notes, weighbridge slips, etc) to be captured.
  • Once the load is completed and the driver has submitted the load information on his phone the captured information is written to the FLOW Mobility platform and a single PDF document containing all relevant information gets e-mailed and/or digitally stored as required by Pindulo VDM business rules.
  • At the same time, all relevant load data is written directly to Pindulo VDM’s Transport Management System (TMS), negating the need to manually capture this data from handwritten documents to the TMS.


  • The risk of load documents getting lost or misplaced has now been largely mitigated.
  • An electronic version is available the moment a load is completed, not only when the driver visits a depot.
  • Admin staff, previously occupied with capturing data from manual load documents, have now become quality control staff who review and correct load information in the TMS system where required.


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