Winning at the Africa Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2023


It’s been a pleasure to look back over the past week and celebrate the two awards and the recognition we received at the Africa Supply Chain Excellence Awards. There were over 96 entries from 16 different countries, all narrowed down to 22 finalists.

Forte Supply Chain Solutions was one of these finalists and we were eager to see how our solutions and projects would compare on an international stage.

We have always believed that our focus on bridging the gap between what our clients needed and what software solutions could offer to streamline their business, is what set us apart, and we entered the submission process with gusto.

As the ceremony chairman shared on the night of the awards, held in Johannesburg in July 2023, it takes courage as a team to put forward work and ask for it to be considered and judged by other experts in their field.

Our People and Partners

We are immensely grateful to our dedicated, passionate team who made this success possible- without their combined expertise, insight, and drive, these awards would not have been possible and we savour this achievement even more because we achieved them as a team. Our software partners and clients also deserve a round of applause for placing their trust in us to future-proof their businesses and implement these solutions.

Our pit-to-port project for The Logistics Group saw us win the Supply Chain Digital Transformation Category.

With the Logistics group we were tasked with creating a digital twin as a digital representation of the physical movement and process of bulk stock moving from the origin (pit) all the way to the point of discharge (port) to represent its brick-and-mortar counterpart in the real world. The logistics group handles an annual movement of over 900 tonnes across international borders. To create the digital twin 5 different software applications were integrated, representing two main modes of transport – road, and rail. The volume of transactions covered 1 082 682 tons per year with 29 567 truckloads and 44 transporters representing 1400 trucks.

The result have shown complete transparency on stock variances with improvement in ratio for stock shortages based on loading vs offloading weight, due to real-time stock visibility. This audacious goal was achieved by creating an environment where skilled experts and tools could collaborate toward a shared goal. 

Says Pieter, “ Our partner relationships and reputation for tenacity and hands-on approach meant that this project was a rewarding process, and ultimately, we are proud to have played our part in improving and empowering the Logistics Group. 

Our work for client PEPSICO saw us receive an outstanding achievement award in the same category

PEPSICO’s primary transport division required a central platform to display its logistical planning from each transporter and required the ability to share this real-time load status and detail with the cargo’s relevant clients or senders/receivers. A key factor for our client was also to mitigate the process impact or cost to transporters and to ensure PEPSICO remained true to their overall digitisation strategy and remained competitive across all sectors of the business.

Says Pieter, Working with the team at PEPSICO and our software suite partners meant that this project was a real success- a lesson in effective collaboration and innovative thinking to problem sol”

We want to thank the Africa Supply Chain Excellence Awards and all our industry peers for these meaningful achievements.  

We look forward to doing more with our team to improve and empower businesses on a daily basis with our solutions and skills.

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