November 19, 2021


Solution: Forte Transport Solutions
Product: FLOW mobility 

Focus on GROWING your business while we remove the hassle of paperwork.

“Fewer data capturing, real-time reporting on orders and replacement of paper-based dispatch orders and notes since implementing FLOW mobility” Pieter Steyn Financial Manager J.W. Seeds

Client Quick Facts

JW Seeds offer ultimate quality to ensure top-class products season after season.

With almost 60 years of production experience, the family business is recognized as a valuable partner and supplier in the vegetable seed production niche.


Value-adding cross-platform reporting and data sharing.
Migrating dispatch orders to an online system.
Migrating dispatch notes to an online system.


The main goal was to drive efficiencies, optimize processes and improve employee workload levels as opposed to appointing new employees due to company growth. This was achieved by implementing FLOW mobility.


Replacement of paper-based dispatch orders and dispatch notes.

Fewer data capturing and human intervention with paper-based orders. Real-time reporting on orders.

Our Product

FLOW mobility takes you to the next level of visibility, allowing every step of your mobile workforce to be recorded and reported on. Done through a mobile forms application with a self-maintainable design for your unique form creation.

FLOW mobility sends forms to your drivers and field operators for completion in the mobile app. The forms app provides a simple yet flexible platform for employees to input and submits information in real-time. In addition to multiple-choice and calculated questions, you can easily record rich data like photos, signatures, and geo-locations. Completely customizable forms, layout creation, and form destinations.

The solution is flexible and allows for relevant information to be shared with end-user clients. This typically could include location confirmation, basic order, delivery, and ETA information.

For more information visit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSvO4M9nwv_X3ALiqzzfzAw

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Forte Transport Solutions specializes in the implementation of software within the transport industry.

At Forte Transport Solutions we approach Transport Management Software Implementation from a transport and logistics industry perspective. Our project leaders understand your operation’s needs and are passionate about implementing the best fit transport software partner that we represent.

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