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FLOW Cloud-Based Data Management Technology | FLOW  Client Case Study Tip Trans Group
Solution: FLOW
Division: Forte Data Solutions
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Client Quick Facts
Tip Trans offer integrated product and transport solutions backed by over 50 years of experience.
Tip Trans source supply and deliver a full range of bulk commodities across the Western Cape in the civils, construction, and agricultural industries.
Tip Trans consist of 6 divisions namely Tip Trans Logistix, Tip Trans Resources, Boland Organic Supplies, N1 Paving, Turing Insights, and Siyabonwa Logistix.
The need to visually report on the data being captured into current transport management tool from web-browser remotely. Require more user-friendly and web-based capturing tool, but data to still reach the current transport management tool.
FLOW Platform offers a data warehouse where all the data from the current transport management tool and future operational tools is consolidated. Adding a visual dashboard reporting interface linked to the central data for overall reporting and a user-defined capturing screen for user-defined capturing.
Tip Trans operations can now capture and complete transactions seamlessly and remotely – improving the time used to complete the height volume of data capturing.
Management now has a real-time dashboard with KPIs to promptly make decisions.
Our Products
The following features are available on the FLOW platform:
FLOW Connect
A cutting-edge, cloud-based integration platform that provides multiple adaptors for integration between server-based and web-based applications, one to one or multiple to one integrations. It moves data across an enterprise seamlessly, connecting all role players.
FLOW Visibility
A powerful communications portal that latches onto existing applications and transfers data for a web-based internal dashboard or external client-facing portal view.
FLOW mobility
a last-mile dispatch application that provides order management, basic optimizing, execution, sign-on glass, barcode scanning or photo grab of documents, customer visibility, and reporting features. In doing so it helps companies reduce their transportation costs through optimization and gain greater customer satisfaction by managing delivery and electronic POD’s.
About us
Every company working on improving visibility and transparency in their supply chain will be confronted with many sources of data at different stages of the supply chain. Gathering such data requires an independent platform that connects, integrate and exchange information – reliably and efficiently – regardless of device or data formats.
Forte Data Solutions provides integration platform-as-a-service, or iPaaS – via its cloud-based platform FLOW that enables users to connect applications regardless of whether they’re on-premise or in the cloud without having to add layers to their infrastructure.
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